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  • Avoids eCom hassles like stocking and shipping

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Friends, we’ve got some bad news. eCommerce ain’t the piece o’ cake they’ve been telling you it is.  

Sure, lately you’ve seen tons of training on how to blow it up big with eCommerce. You might even be feeling a bit left out you’re not crushing it with eCommerce yet . . .

Hold on, because you won’t have this feeling for long . . .  

It’s true a few folks are absolutely killing it with eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Fulfillment by Amazon. What you’re not being told is there’s tons of moving pieces to deal with in eCommerce . . .

The Missing Pieces of the eCommerce
They Ain't Telling You!

Sure, starting an eCommerce store sounds like all
that and a bag of chips on the surface . . .

but have you considered these headaches before you plunge in headlong?

  • Nothing’s for free; eCommerce platforms like Shopify are expensive PLUS there’s a HUGE learning curve involved with setting up and running an eCom store
  • And if you think you’re done once you’ve paid a hefty fee for the the basic Shopify platform - think again! You’ll need add- ons, themes and a host of other paid apps to complete even a basic store - and these will cost you a small fortune before you ever make your first dollar
  • The biggest eCom stores have warehouses to store their stock - how the heck can you possibly afford one if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of money on hand?
  • It’s difficult to make eCommerce work if you’re not in North America because of all the expense and logistics of shipping and dealing with foreign currencies

And there’s also some risks involved with setting
up an eCommerce store too. For instance: 

  • You have to carry stock - and run the risk it’ll never sell and you’ll be left holding the bag.
  • Angry customers who’ll demand refunds if your suppliers let you down and don’t deliver your product on time . . . and who might try to ruin your good name, even though it’s not your fault
  • You’ll also get to deal with shipping, handling and customer service hassles . . . in other words . . .

Even if you find a drop shipper to handle your
order fulfillment, you’ll pay a premium price for it.

Paying for dropshipping can cut into your profits big time.

What if we tell you there’s a better way to get into eCommerce without all the risk and hassle? Without needing to buy stock or spend half your life at the post office shipping orders?

Read on, and we’ll tell you about a safer, easier way to get into eCommerce . . . and how to get access to low competition markets desperate to buy physical products from you.   

The Smart Person’s Answer to Crushing It with eCommerce… Hassle Free

While we’ve all made very nice bank with eCommerce, we’ve gotta say something. . . contrary to popular opinion . . . eCom’s not particularly newbie friendly at all.

With all the issues involved, and the steep learning curve required, setting up an eCommerce store is just too daunting for many of our customers.

Hiring a developer to put up an eCommerce store isn’t an option for many people, either. Most developers charge their clients in the thousands to put up a custom store on platforms like Shopify.

Even if you have decent tech skills, and can handle the tech aspects of eCom without problems, you could still pick the wrong products for your stores . . .  and end up with a garage overflowing with stock you can’t even give away.

The good news is, you don’t have to put yourself
through all this trouble to make a very good
as an affiliate selling physical products.

Instead of dealing with the headaches of a standard eCommerce store, you could be earning up to 50% commissions as an affiliate.

When we mention being an affiliate for physical products, you might think we’re talking about Amazon. What we’re talking about is a better alternative to Amazon.

Yes, Amazon is huge. . .  but only in markets already oversaturated and where the competition is fierce. There’s no way we’d put you through that minefield.

As Luck Would Have It... Many of these Countries
Are Also Familiar With The World's Biggest
eCommerce Portal, AliExpress!

-  a company with $236 billion in worldwide sales.
Aliexpress is a trusted solution for ordering online
for much of the world outside North America.

In fact, Aliexpress is MUCH bigger in terms of total items sold than both Amazon and eBay combined.

And we’re letting you in on a little insider info here: Aliexpress’s affiliate program is an underground secret of top affiliates.  

Few know of the program’s existence, yet it has many advantages over being an affiliate for Amazon or eBay. . . or going the eCommerce route on your own.

Here’s why the AliExpress affiliate program is a
HUGE untapped opportunity for you:

Over Millions of Products with Unlimited Inventory and hugely untapped niches just waiting to be explored.

Claim Your Share Today.

The conversion rate with Aliexpress is a HUGE 3.5%, which is almost unheard of in eCommerce circles.

Also, Amazon bans affiliates residing in the U.S. states of Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Connecticut. In contrast, Aliexpress’s affiliate program is open to any U.S. resident, regardless of their state of residence

Aliexpress sells goods in over 200 countries worldwide, and many of these countries are ripe for the picking for motivated affiliates . . . for example, Aliexpress is Russia’s most popular site for shopping online - it’s their equivalent of Amazon. Forget standing in line at the local post office to ship your eCommerce items - Aliexpress takes care of shipping and handling so you don’t have to lift a finger

There’s far less competition in many markets served by Aliexpress than you’d face as an Amazon associate in the U.S. or Canada - which means your chances of success as an affiliate are much higher in the overseas markets Aliexpress serves

You can sell in local currencies to help increase your conversions (people hate paying currency exchange fees on top of their purchases, so this feature does away with this problem)

No investment in stock is needed, unlike with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) which keeps more money in your pocket

Returns? Refunds? Not your problem. Aliexpress handles all the details for you.  Skip forking out hefty eCommerce platform fees which seem to rise every month and eat into your profits

Sounds good? There’s only ONE problem.

There’s over 100 million products sold on Aliexpress. . . so how in the heck can you sift and sort through this many products, or find the most reputable sellers and the most lucrative items to sell?

The answer is Xpress Stores, a powerful WordPress store building plugin designed expressly to work hand-in-glove with the Aliexpress affiliate program. 

The first edition of Xpress Stores, called Aliffiliate, sold over 5000 copies to delighted customers who clearly saw the advantages of becoming Aliexpress affiliates . . .

And Xpress Stores adds even more rocket fuel to  Aliffiliates’ already robust features.

Don’t take our word Xpress Stores is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to exploit eCommerce without the headaches involved - listen to what our delighted customers have to say. . .

The Xpress Stores Affiliate Advantage For Passive eCommerce Income Ends the Drudgery of Constant Product Updates . . .

Now, you’ve seen the testimonials, get ready to get excited about the best risk-free opportunity to profit from eCommerce you’ve seen yet this year. . .

Enter Low Competition Markets for
Big Paydays
with Xpress Stores  

There’s just 5 simple steps involved to create a
fully-monetized Aliexpress store
just minutes from now:

  • Install the Xpress Stores plugin via the Dashboard of your WordPress Site
  • Enter your Aliexpress affiliate credentials
  • Customize your site in minutes with our included themes & widget options
  • Select your products via the filter options
  • Publish and start getting paid.

The entire process is newbie friendly! No advanced tech skills needed.
Watch the demo video to see how simple it is to create your store
in just minutes, and start the profits rolling in:

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If you’re not quite convinced yet, let’s take a closer look why

Xpress Stores is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to

get started with eCommerce - but doesn’t want the hassles of

running a traditional eCom business.

A Look at the Powerful Features Under the Hood of the Xpress Stores Plugin With its easy-to-implement options to help you build a high-converting auto-updating Aliexpress store in just 5 minutes, take a look and see why Xpress Stores is the first choice of store builders for serious Aliexpress affiliates.