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Xpress Stores, Christmas Relaunch
Goes LIVE December 29th @ 9:00 AM EST
Ends December 31st @ 6:00 PM EST


About Xpress Stores Relaunch

Did you know...

$144,671.50 Gross.

3,989 Funnel Sales.

20% - 37% Conversions


Some hard-hitting figures we achieved with Xpress Stores few weeks back but now we are re-launching it for just TWO DAYS ONLY, you can be sure it’s gonna sell like anything you have ever seen before.

Not only will you make up to $304 per sale, we also have stacked up $7000 in cash prizes for just two days alone and the way we have REDESIGNED the whole funnel for this relaunch, this is gonna be your best closing promo of 2015 guaranteed.

Total Prizes To Grab in Just
TWO DAYS: $7,000.00!

That’s More Money Than We Offered During the last 7 day Launch few weeks ago.

We always pay out big during launches - Xpress Stores will be no different !

Get on the JV List to join all the contests we prepared for you...

PLUS SURPRISE CASH PRIZES To be announced during the launch so make sure you join the JV list.

The ALL NEW Cash Sucking Funnel

We proved it during Xpress Stores launch that our funnel works like magic and for relaunch we are adding some more twists and some more magic to fill up your pockets to their full.

This is a unique (and now a PROVEN) product with mass appeal, combine this with new improved sales page, a better funnel structure and ONE DAY scarcity factor you have the perfect recipe for some crazy conversions and EPIC EPCs.

Why YOU Should Promote
Xpress Stores Special relaunch?

Here's A Few Reasons...

1. PROVEN Product…

You have seen the results; you have seen yourself how well it converted. There is no ambiguity no more if this promo is gonna be profitable. And now when we are revamping literally everything, it’s gonna be your BEST closing promo of 2015 – period.

2. Our Previous Launches Record Breaking Performances

Austin Anthony’s last launch eCom Experts Academy did over $650k in revenue with over 7000 in sales during launch period with the recent version eCom Premier Academy doing over $860,000 in gross sales!

Jai Sharma’s last launch CanvaKala did close to 9000 sales and $250k in revenue during launch period.

We are known to launch quality products that become instant hits.

3. Based On The Market Needs

Ecommerce is where everybody is going and rightly so, it’s hugely profitable. And with Xpress Stores users can now enjoy the eCommerce to its full without any initial set up cost unlike Shopify. Add the following benefits and you have got a product that your customers will simply fall in LOVE with.

  • Maximum Commission on AliExpress as compared to maximum 16% in Amazon’s affiliate program.
  • Easy acceptance in AliExpress & helping support staff which want you to grow.

4. The Scorching Hot Copy

With a 7 figure copywriter at hands, our products literally get devoured by users. Combine it with massive proof and you have got a WINNER that gives some insane EPCs and conversions.

5. 100% FREE Retargeting

We will re-target visitors you send to sales page, and bring them back to the website to make you more commissions.

6. Impeccable 24/7 Active Support

We believe in repeat business and we go extra mile to make it happen every time. Our 24/7 active staff will give support to your customers throughout the year along with all the FREE updates to plugin.

We don’t want your subscribers to use our software for a week or month instead, we want them to use it for many years to come, and we do know how to do that.

7. Industry Best Conversion Rates Producers

Whether it’s CanvaKala, Alifiliate Stores Builder or eCom Experts Academy or any of our previous launches, all of them converted more than double of any other successful products, we not only provide quality products but also give high converting sales material and funnel to our partners to bring them loads of sales and record breaking conversions.

8. Support You Can Count On

We don’t just promote you, we promote you HARD. You back us up and you can be sure, we are going to do everything to bring in crazy amount of sales.

About The Product

Did you know...

AliExpress has sold over $81 billion worth of items in just last 4 years alone. Now imagine if your subscribers could get a major share from this monstrous pie in literally under minutes.

Presenting Xpress Stores that lets anyone regardless of their experience build a super profitable affiliate eCommerce store in less than 2 minutes.

And with plethora of features, Xpress Store guarantees a high converting hugely profitable store in any niche imaginable.

  • No more Shopify required to build your next store.
  • No recurring costs.
  • Zero down setup.
  • No waiting for weeks to setup just one store.
  • Traffic-ready instant stores that rake in huge profits.

Watch The Plugin In Action

Demo: Shop 1

Use this page to access demonstration of the plugin features at:


username - xpressjv

password - xpressjv

Demo: Shop 2

Use this page to access demonstration of the plugin features at:


username - admin

password - jvdemo

1. Front End: Xpress Stores Basic

Xpress Stores is wordpress plugin can setup affiliate ecommerce store in less than 2 minutes for any niche.

  • 3 import options including import product to selected category, or auto create product category from AliExpress
  • Manual import with the option to search for products by filter, and check-box selecting products that you want to import.
  •  Bulk import including filtering products by particular filter and importing large numbers of it - without the need to manually insert products - extremely powerful for fast creation of affiliate stores.
  • Auto import with filter products by filter options and select time schedules automatically adding products into your shop on the selected time intervals, for COMPLETE auto pilot affiliate shops.
  • Built in product synchronization - set schedule to update product price, title and description so users never have to lift their fingers ever.
  • Product short codes, just copy product short code from dashboard, paste it into your blog post, and you will have product banner with affiliate ID embeded into your blog post instantly, useful for product review sites and blogs.
  • Filter by Price & Commission Rates
  • Built in seller credit score to import products from reputed scores only to give instant creditably to your stores.
  • Automatic Updates of store, schedule updates on hourly, weekly basis.
  • Live Stats: Easily check how many products are loaded to your website, how many views and redirects to AliExpress for each of your products to further optimize your stores.
  • Features Products ability to put those products in sidebar section that have converted well for owner for instant visibility of best selling items.
  • Hands free product descriptions’ insertion in stores.
  • Built in highly converting professional themes.

2. OTO1: Xpress Stores Pro Features

All the features of Xpress Stores Basic


Translation of products during import into different languages to cover multiple geos for more profits and less ad spend.

Auto import campaigns to create auto import campaign per set of filters, useful for advanced auto pilot sites.

Advanced insertion of products into blog posts, with import templates like: list of products, image, image with text, text link only etc for complete control on customization and appearance of stores.

3. OTO2 & Downsell 1: Xpress Stores Advanced

All the features of Xpress Stores Basic and Pro.


Built in description spinner for unique content for added SEO benefits and increased organic visibility.

FREE Done For You site including installation and everything with description spinner for content uniqueness and increases organic traffic.

4. OTO3 & Downsell 2: Xpress Stores White Label/Developer Edition

All the features of Xpress Stores Basic, Pro and Advanced.

White Label/ Developer Edition to make easy cash by selling Xpress Stores to customers or installation on UNLIMITED clients’ sites.

FREE updates and support, just sell Xpress Stores, keep the profits yourself while we take care of plugin updates.

As you can see, Xpress Stores is probably the ONLY software in the market that has so many feature built in and at such a low price this is the bargain your subscribers would hate to miss.

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